How We’re Doing Christmas Day

How We’re Doing Christmas Day

The big day we’ve all been waiting for is finally here. You’ve finished your advent calendar, lost count of how many mince pies you’ve scoffed since December 1st and, more importantly, Santa’s been! Here’s how our day goes down…

With our heads a little cloudy from the one-too-many Christmas Eve mulled wines, we ping awake in our childhood bedrooms wondering how we ever used to sleep in a single bed. We then proceed to wake the whole house as if we’re four years old again. Sorry dad.

Presents opened (the stockings gets smaller each year, don’t they?) we go for a leisurely morning Instagram scroll to see what everyone else has got and silently grimace each time we see a #BoyDidGood post.

In preparation for the mammoth eating and drinking session, we enjoy a big hearty breakfast – got to line the stomach - washed down with Bucks Fizz because “it’s Christmas.”

Get roped into prepping the veg and peel, chop and dice to the dulcet tones of Ms. Carey. Is there such a thing as too many sprouts? We deserve a Snowball after this.

As the faint stomach growls start to kick in - to lunch or not to lunch is the question. The smell of the turkey roasting is enough to make anyone salivate. Better open the Celebrations.

Gran’s here, the pigs in blankets are done and you’ve spent the last half an hour unleashing your inner Lawrence-Llewellyn with that table décor. Pinterest would be proud. Let’s eat!

It wouldn’t be Christmas without an overly competitive game of Monopoly, right? We soon realise we’re just as bad with fake money as we are with the real deal and our brother’s still a sore loser.

Still stuffed from dinner, it would only be fair to bring out a cheese board big enough to feed the five thousand - because Christmas calories don’t count remember.

We call it a night when we realise ITV2 are playing Fast & Furious again – not that we’d hear it over all the snoring - and take ourselves to bed for one more scroll on the ‘gram before falling fast asleep and dreaming of tomorrow’s turkey and stuffing sandwiches. Yummy.