Mindfulness Tips | Mental Health Awareness Day

Mindfulness Tips | Mental Health Awareness Day

This #MentalHealthAwarenessDay, we’re turning to our Labels Are For Clothes reps to share their best tips on staying positive and being mindful….

“We are all human, anything else is just what makes us each individually unique and special. Let’s start embracing ourselves, and each other."

“As I’ve aged, I’ve found myself less concerned with the limiting labels that are placed on me and more intrigued with exploring every aspect of myself and creating my own lane! Life is so much more beautiful when you define it for yourself!"

“Hey, you. Yeah, you. Just a friendly little reminder that you are beautiful as you are and that you’re worth more than a size on a tag or a number on the scale.”

“Nobody should be made to feel awful about themselves, be proud of the skin that you’re in!”

"One of the things I’m extremely passionate about is embracing our uniqueness. Those quirks, the intricacies, the many, many differences. It’s what makes us, us. Don’t ever feel like you have to fit in to be accepted. You do you."

“We are all unique and should never be confined by society’s “labels” to keep us in a box. We are more than anything strangers can put on us, we are who we want to be and there’s no label that can tag us with it, so keep that for the clothes.

"As people we tend to focus too much on labels sometimes. While labels are great to identify us and help us find our communities, they can also become very consuming. Remember, above all that you are, you are human, and you deserve LOVE."