What would Flack pack? | River Island X Caroline Flack

What would Flack pack? | River Island X Caroline Flack

She’s no stranger to Palma airport, so when it comes to packing, what are our fave matchmaker’s top tips? We find out…

Where are we going on this dream trip?

My favourite place to travel to in the world is the beautiful island of Ibiza. So many good things have happened to me there. I don’t know if I’d be allowed to share the anecdotes!

What’s your packing style?

I tend to pack very quickly and not with much order. I’d say I’m definitely a folder, I don’t just screw it up and chuck it in the case.

What does your suitcase say about you?

I’m very last minute! I tend to buy most of my underwear at the airport - it’s definitely something to do with the way I travel.

Where do you stand on ‘spare’ underwear - how much is enough?

You know some people like crisp sheets, I like fresh underwear! And I always pack an extra pair of bikini bottoms in my hand luggage just in case you lose your luggage. Once you’ve got your bikini, you don’t really need anything else!

What are your in-flight essentials?

Number one being, of course, passport. I have a reputation of losing mine! Always carry a phone charger - I’m that person sitting on the floor at Palma Airport, charging my phone. And earphones! If I don’t have my earphones to travel, I usually ask other passengers if I can borrow theirs.

What goes with you everywhere you go?

Sunglasses! Even when I go on a night out.

What books do you take on holiday?

I’ve got two at the minute. The Alchemist by Paula Coehlo and A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini - this one should come with a warning as one you should never read in public because it makes you cry so much at the end.

What will you be watching on the plane - or will you sleep?

If you want to get any kind of sleep on the plane, an eye mask is essential. I sometimes have to get a really late night flight, one time I put my seat back, ready to go to sleep and the woman behind went “you can’t do that” and she got a rolled up newspaper and hit me on the head!

What are your holiday essentials from the collection?

A holiday number one essential is a little black dress. You might end up going on a last minute date and this is perfect. Denim shorts are a must, I like to have things I can wear in the day or the evening and just dress them accordingly. I love the t-shirt, it’s kind of rock and roll with a vintage feel to it, It’s really light and easy to wear either over a bikini after you’ve come out the pool, or even at night with a red lip. The silky-like shorts are perfect for packing because, one, they take up no space whatsoever and they come with a matching top so you can either wear it as a matching set or throw it over your bikini. I love the bardot top with a pair of denim shorts, it’s perfect for the last night of holiday when you’ve got a great tan. The tiger print skirt is my favourite piece, it goes with a bikini top, so all you need is a cocktail in your hand, pair of wedges and you’re sorted. A kimono is also very important, especially if you can’t be bothered to get dressed in the morning and want to go down to breakfast!

What would you hate to leave behind?

The hardest thing to leave behind is my dog Ruby.