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As a nation, we’re going back to life, but not as we know it. It’s time to celebrate the little things we couldn’t wait to return to, as well as adjusting to the new normal. Acting casual in relationships is no longer cool, day uniforms are anything but basic and every outdoor moment is truly great! We’re championing the real people who have supported us in this 5-part series.

With three kids under six, a day job and two brand new puppies, meet Eimear Varian Barry, the mum-boss getting her routine back. After months juggling home schooling, being her own boss and trying to be the best mother she could be, Eimear realised that every moment no matter how hectic deserves to be celebrated.

Tell us a bit about you and your family 

I’m Eimear, I live in Surrey. I’m a content creator and mother to three children. Saoirse is 6, Harper is 4 and Lennon is 2. 

Tell us what you’re most passionate about? 

I’m really passionate about using my platform to give people the confidence to live their life the way they want to live it. 

What’s the best part of your day? 

The best part of my day at the moment is being woken up by my puppies. It’s stressful and it’s like having two more babies but when I make my coffee and cuddle with them on the couch before the kids wake up it’s the best.

How did your life change as a result of the pandemic? 

At the beginning of lockdown, I really panicked and then I got into the flow of just slowing down. I find it really difficult to get out the door in the morning with three kids. During lockdown there was no school run, I wasn’t running to London fitting five meetings in one day, it was so much more chilled. 

Pre-lockdown, were you a multitasker? 

I feel like before lockdown I would have a million things at the back of my head. It was constant mayhem but lockdown has helped clear things up for me. 

What couldn’t you wait to go back to after lockdown? 

Get a coffee! To actually go out and get a coffee. I was really excited about that.

What words would you use to describe yourself? 

Passionate, curious and very compassionate. 

Is compassion important as a mother? 

I’ve definitely become more compassionate since becoming a mum. From the minute I held my first baby I became so compassionate about the world. It just came naturally. 

You have three children under six, what does motherhood mean to you? 

For me, motherhood gives me so much purpose. The first time I ever held Saoirse who was my first it just gave me this huge powerful love that I’d never felt before. What was it like juggling home schooling, mothering and working?

What was it like juggling home schooling, mothering and working?

I did have a bit of an idea what it was like to work from home before lockdown, but this was another level. This was three kids constantly there and I had to home school at the same time. We just did half an hour of academia each day and then it was more about life skills like gardening and cooking. 

I think the most important thing to remember is to not compare yourself to others. You can only do your best, and everybody has dealt with this in a very different way.

What has this experience taught you about yourself? 

This whole experience has taught me that I need structure. I was a bit more free in my way of living before but actually I need routine and it’s better for my mental health when I’ve got one in place.

How do you want your children to see you? Is it important that they see a strong, successful woman?

It is important to me for the kids to see me as strong and successful but also emotional, compassionate and being happy with what I'm doing. To me, success is happiness. 

What do you love doing with your kids?

My favourite thing to do with the kids is to bring them to a big green open space and to let them run free.

How do you hope the world will change post Covid for your children?

I think the last few months has given us all a huge reality check. I really hope the next generation will take care of the world and their mental health more.

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