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Going back to work? After so much time away and a global pandemic still at large, it’s totally normal to feel nervous but we know that you’ve got this. First day jitters will soon disappear and be replaced with a welcomed new routine. It’s time to get back to the daily commute, coffee break gossips, discussing projects face to face and proper weekend debriefs. Here’s how to go back with confidence …

Back to making power moves.

Your WFH uniform of no bra, jogging bottoms and old pyjama tee won’t cut it back in the office. Swap the sweats for smarts and prepare for a powerful office return. We’re all about dressing for success so level up your workdrobe with a few new pieces that make you feel like a boss. When you look good, you feel good so having a ‘treat yourself’ moment before your first day is a must. 

Back to coffee catch ups.

Sure, you’ve been speaking on work video calls but what about IRL coffee chats? Those five minutes that break up the day and bring you and your colleagues closer together but remember to still keep your distance!Instead of the forced ‘how are you’ at the beginning of emails, back at the office you can actually catch up with your work friends. Make sure to take your time though because after months of solo coffee breaks, spending all day with other people may feel overwhelming.

Back to planning ahead.

Say goodbye to spontaneous snack trips because being back in the office means you have to plan ahead. Time to be reunited with all things meal prep! It’s no one’s favourite task but if it stops your stomach growling at 11am its worth doing. Plan your favourite healthy lunches for the week as well as afternoon slump snacks. Factor in a few treat lunches and coffees out to make your return to work more appealing and help local business too!

Back to commuting.

If you haven’t been using public transport the daily commute to work is bound to feel overwhelming. Be safe and sensible by stocking up on face masks but also try and think of it as a positive rather than a negative to help with those anxious feelings. For example, has your reading been non-existent at home? Or have you fallen behind with your favourite podcast? Commuting is a great time to get back to the activities we may have let slip.

Back to new habits.

Just because you’re going back to the office doesn’t mean you can’t bring your new WFH habits with you. If having breaks little and often or putting a ‘do not disturb’ on your emails to complete an urgent task worked why not try them out at the office? It’s business as (un)usual so do what you have to do to work best.

When you look good, you feel good ...