2020 is almost over (cue collective sigh of relief) and although we can’t wait to say goodbye we’re also feeling nostalgic. No way would we wish for a repeat of the past 12 months but the trends it inspired are here to stay. From the rise of Cottagecore to 24/7 lounge living, are wardrobes were turned on their heads and forced to adapt. Solid style staples were completely left behind (RIP jeans) while others like the humble cardigan made surprising comebacks. Join us in taking a trip down memory lane to remember the iconic fashion moments of the year …

It was the accessory that defined the year and became symbolic for this strange moment in history. Everyone and their nan has at least three and what started as just a safety measure has risen to iconic fashion fame as well. Who doesn’t want to stay safe while looking chic af? We’re bringing this one with us for the foreseeable …

The pandemic changed the way we work and how we dress pushing us all online at makeshift desks at home. Workwear evolved as we did and suddenly everyone needed Zoom shirts and the top makeup tips for webcam. WFH created a party on top, comfort on the bottom uniform and that’s if you could be bothered to change out of your pjs. Long may it continue!

In a year spent mainly at home, our love affair for loungewear became a full on obsession. Comfort was (and still is) key and from March to July ‘dressing up’ meant slipping in to a matching set to do the weekly shop. We felt our fiercest in joggers and sweats and embraced elasticated waistbands like never before. Jeans who?

Love it or hate it, you can’t deny that the tie dye craze of 2020 was a welcome break from banana bread. Restless and bored at home, tie dye became our creative escape, and nothing was left untouched. We gave old clothes a multicoloured refresh and our minds a distraction from the strange world around us.

Comfy and practical, bike shorts became a lockdown essential whether we were slobbing out on the sofa or doing 20 minutes of Hiit. A perfect mix of loungewear and sportswear, we wore them from am to pm, to the shops, on our daily walks and even for cheeky afternoon naps. Throw an oversized blazer over the top with a pair of mules and you’ve got an instant look!

From second best to Fashion’s ‘it’ knit, the once humble cardigan made a stylish comeback in 2020. No one saw it coming but we have a sneaky suspicion Harry Styles had something to do with it! Cardigans became cool (no, really!) and we wore them proudly from chic twin sets à la Katie Holmes to chunky grandad knits.

Our wardrobes have been through a wild ride this year! Which trends are you taking with you into 2021?