The last few months have proved that we’re all amazingly adaptable. When lockdown was announced our day-to-day lives changed over-night and new habits had to be made to adjust to the ‘new normal’. Whether that was doing a Hiit class every morning or subscribing to Disney+, these new habits became our isolation coping mechanisms. With the end of lockdown in sight we’ve started to think about which habits weren’t just necessary but actually improved our lives. We asked business owner and content creator, Rishi S, which lockdown habits he’s making permanent and why they’re coming with him into post lockdown life. Take a look …

Hi, I’m Rishi and I’m a business owner/content creator showcasing the latest bars, restaurants and events that London has to offer. During lockdown, however, I've had to shift my business as well as my habits and responsibilities to adjust to the new climate. Some of these habits have improved my daily life by adding a bit of balance. These are the four habits that I would like to stick to post-lockdown. 

My first habit is routine. I don’t know about you but going from a highly active schedule that took me all over the city to now only exploring as far as my kitchen, has made it harder to get out of bed and start working. My best tip to get that morning motivation is to start your day a bit later but still start! Get some extra rest in the morning and make sure you write up a to-do list and a realistic schedule of what to do each day. I love the satisfaction of crossing a task off my list.

Next up is a habit I feel a lot of people are not doing enough of - putting on their favourite kicks and getting some fresh air. Venturing out of the house and soaking up some vitamin D is such a luxury that I didn't make the most of before. Whereas now, leaving my phone at home and just getting a little lost in a local park provides me with such enjoyment. 

My third habit is charitable giving which is important now more than ever. So many of us are in pain physically, emotionally or financially at the moment so it is important that we help each other. I have a big place in my heart for helping those in need and think it’s important to spare some time every week helping the homeless. Currently, I raise funds by setting up business initiatives and partnerships that donate a portion of the funds raised to the charity, Crisis. It is important to me to take care of people that don’t even have the luxury of a house or family to isolate with. 

For my fourth habit, it's all about putting down that chocolate bar and thinking healthier. I do love a good bag of popcorn but especially now that we’re in lockdown I’ve started to feel sluggish. I’ve felt such a considerable change in my energy levels by not buying any junk food and eating fresh home-cooked meals. I want to continue making healthier choices going forward. 

Finally, maybe my most important habit, is to take time for yourself. I have gone from living by myself to a six person household and at times it can get frustrating and feel claustrophobic. I've found it so helpful to learn how to have time to myself and have enjoyed falling back in love with hobbies I've lost touch with. I’ve picked back up my passion for cooking and my love of drawing. Putting on some music and just getting lost in a sketch or a recipe is so therapeutic to me. What habits would you keep permanent after Lockdown?