Fashion Targets Breast Cancer x River Island

We’re very excited to continue our on-going support of Fashion Targets Breast Cancer by taking part in the new #BosomBuddies campaign! Encouraging everyone to dress in solidarity this spring to stand together against breast cancer, we teamed up with Breast Cancer Now to bring you a new and exclusive t-shirt collection. With each statement twinning tee bought, 30% of the proceeds will be donated to the charity to help make life-saving breast cancer research happen.

Standing together and dressing in solidarity, we got #BosomBuddies TV presenter and DJ, Ashley James, and bestie DJ and Radio presenter Lilah Parsons to rock our FTBC x RI tees and speak to us about the campaign and the importance of friendship… 

On The Campaign:

“FTBC is a really wonderful campaign, bringing together fashion and friendships to help put a stop to breast cancer. Breast Cancer Now is a charity very close to my heart which is why it’s a real honour to have taken part alongside Lilah.” Ashley James

“It’s really great to be returning to support FTBC, a campaign I’ve supported for a number of years, but this time alongside one of my best friends. We all know someone who has been affected by breast cancer and have seen the impact is has on their lives and that of those around them. It’s wonderful to get involved and to help raise money for life-saving research.” Lilah Parsons 

On Friendship:

“Friendship is so important. We all go through ups and downs and it's solid friendships like mine and Lilah’s that help you get through those times. I know ours will stand the test of time!” Ashley James

“Ashley has been there for me through some difficult times. Friendship is about having that person on the end of the phone that will always pick up. The person that gives you rational, helpful advice and supports you, as well as making you laugh! Ashley definitely does that for me.”  Lilah Parsons 

1 in 6 breast cancer patients don’t actually have a lump, so it’s very important to get familiar with the twins, your titties, Phil and Grant - whatever you like to call them! We’ve put together The Tit List so you know what to check for…


A lump might not be visible to the eye, so make sure you have a good feel. Check for a lump or any swelling and don’t forget to feel around the upper chest and armpit area.


Keep an eye out for any changes to your breast. Is there a change in size or shape? Dimpling of the breast or a change in skin texture? Is there a change in colour? Any redness of inflammation? Pay close attention to your nipples too and take note of any nipple discharge, rashes, cuts or if one them becomes inverted.


If any of the mentioned symptoms appear, be sure to get checked out by a nurse or doctor and continue to check, check, check yourself at home as regularly as possible. Consider it a new step in your self-care routine.