Last week to celebrate International Day of the Girl we talked all things empowerment. Focusing on the topics that affect girls every single day, our aim was (and always is) to provide advice and wisdom for any girl that needs it. Kelly from @missellamayandmommy spoke to her daughter Ella May about all things kindness, body image, goals and ambition. Get ready for some seriously inspiring girl talk …


How can we be kind to others?

Kelly: My way of being kind to strangers is to give them a compliment. So, if I’m paying for my shopping I’ll always compliment the girl serving me on her nails or hair – a compliment from a stranger always feels great. What would you do Ella May?

Ella May: I would smile at them because smiling is contagious!

Has 2020 taught you anything new about kindness?

Kelly: Yes! 2020 has been an eyeopener in relation to kindness.

Ella MayIt goes a long way.

KellyIt does. Even just a small thank you to the people working in the grocery shops or any front line workers has a positive impact.

Why is important for girls to support girls?

Kelly: Women should be seen as equal and I think it’s really important for girls to support girls for health and also self-esteem.

Body image

Are there any self-love rituals you recommend?

Kelly: I actually have a self-love ritual that I have passed on to you, what it is it?

Ella May: Treat yourself like somebody you love!

KellyExactly! If you speak to yourself and the voice in your head to speaks to you like you would to somebody you love, you’ll never go wrong.

Does body image and self-acceptance get easier as you get older? If so, why?

KellyYes, I think self-acceptance gets easier as you get older. Wrinkles and weight gain are expected so when those things happen it doesn’t really effect you because you know that health and wellbeing is way more important.

What are your tips for living in the moment and being present?

Kelly: Forgive. Always forgive, you might not always forget but always forgive. Don’t dwell on the past and keep working towards your dream. I know that sounds so cliché but work hard and keeping working towards your goals.

Ella MaySmile all the time, stop worrying and enjoy life!

Who are your favourite body positive influencers to follow?

KellyMy top body positive influencers to follow would be @alexlight_ldn, @emmakehoe and @tessdaly. There are honestly so many that I follow on Instagram that give me daily injections of confidence.


Why are goals important?

Ella May: So, you can achieve your dreams!

KellyThey’re good for giving you focus, and they are a really great way to track and measure your success.

How do you set yourself goals?

Ella MayIf you want to set a goal you’d get a notepad and write ‘my goal for this year’ down, like a bucket list.

KellyThat’s a really good idea. The first thing you want to do when you’re setting a goal is decide on what goal you have and write it down. Another thing that I do is I tell somebody about it to make me work harder towards that goal.

How do you tackle goals?

Ella May: Face your fears!

Kelly:  Break the goals down into small chunks and get through each small section at a time so that way you don’t miss deadlines and you make sure you get it all done.

 What is success to you?

Ella May: Achieving my goals.

KellyI think success is moving forward and being the best version of yourself you can be.


Should our success be self-defined?

KellyYes, definitely! Success is a peace of mind which is a result of knowing that you did your very best to become what you wanted to become.

How can girls make their dreams a reality?

Ella May: By being patient and trying their best.

KellyAnother tip is to visualise. Visualisation is the key to everything in life. If you can’t visualise yourself doing something you’ll never do it.

What’s your advice to girls with imposter syndrome?

KellyBe kind to yourself, track.

Treat yourself and your mini me ...