We want you to Boss The Year in 2020 and dress for the job you deserve and give your wardrobe a style promotion. We’ve got some of our RI HQ pals to show us how they’ll be dressing for success this year… 

“This is my power look. I really like a monochrome colour palette with a twist. I get my Monday motivation from music. I can’t start walking to the station in the morning until I have the right song to start my day!”

All Mondays should start with a power look for a strong start to the week. Chiara makes a statement in one colour from head-to-toe, adding a pop of colour with this pastel lilac coat. She finished it all up with these boss babe boots. Love! 

“I wanted to inject some edge into the classic workwear wardrobe. I chose faux leather trousers and studded Western boots with an electric blue blouse for a playful pop of colour. Still office appropriate but just amped up a few notches!”

We’re all about adding a trend-led twist to Tuesdays and Rosa has done just that! A blouse and a pair of black trousers are what you think of when you think workwear, but Rosa has amplified by picking leather and colour instead of the safer options. Follow her lead! 

“This is my feel good look because I love how bright the colours in the dress are and the boots made me feel like I was in a country music video – channelling my inner Shania Twain. I tackle the humpday slump with a great playlist on the way to work, followed by a boxset binge with my housemates.”

When you reach humpday, you should also reach for a feel good look – something that’s going to put a spring in your step and keep you going until the end of the week. Make like Phoebe and go for bold, fun colours and badass boots. 

“My schedule is quite busy at work so I like to wear comfortable boots for running around during the day. When it comes to Thirsty Thursday, I swap them out for a pair of heels and then I’m ready for those after work drinks!”

Thursday has been the new Friday for a while – we love anything that feels like it extends the weekend! Johanna has the right idea, swap your chunky boots for some heels as soon as the working day is done and get ready for happy hour. 

“A Friday night out after work is all about being comfortable in the day but stylish at night and a midi dress is the ideal item to style with both trainers and a pair of strappy heels that you can keep under your desk for those last minute drinks.”

Who doesn’t love a casual Friday? You’ve bossed the week and

you can almost taste the weekend. Choose a look that’s comfortable but make

sure it’s something you can dress up with a quick change of heels and

accessories like Sohini! 

“For me, feeling comfortable is everything, whether it’s for work or play. This outfit is the epitome of smart casual and perfect for a day in the office or straight into a bar for a drink.”

Elvis has nailed desk to drinks style with this look. Keeping his shirt done up for work has him looking smart but unbuttoning it come 5pm and adding a chain and rings means he’s ready to grab a drink (or more). We’re taking tips. 

“This is a classic look that you can dress up or dress down depending on your plans. It covers you for anything you may face in your day. For me, starting Monday right is crucial for a successful week. Clearing my head and getting to the gym helps me focus on my goals for the week ahead.”

If your work dress code is more formal or you like to smarten up to get you in the right head space, you can’t go wrong with the classic combo of a crisp, white shirt, smart trousers and a loafer. Jack looks like he means business.