How To: Keep Up Your New Year’s Resolutions

The Christmas chocolate is long gone, you’ve (sort of) mastered how to work your new blender and finally started to write 2019 without having to cross out the 8 first. Yes, we’re almost two weeks into January. Whether you’ve vowed to an alcohol-free month, are giving #Veganuary a go or promised to use less plastic, let’s face it, sticking to those New Year’s resolutions proves hard by the halfway point. But not ones to give up too easily, we’re here to help you power through with the little things we can all do to help us keep them up…

Start small 

As tempting as it is to attempt a complete life overhaul when a new year comes round, the secret is to start small. From getting that haircut you’ve been putting off to giving blood for the first time, there are lots of little wins we can all start doing that won’t have you falling at the first hurdle.

Be flexible

Sometimes, life gets in the way of things. From realising the carrot and swede mash you brought for lunch has butter in and scuppers your #Veganuary streak to sleeping through your alarm and missing that 7AM HIIT class, don’t let it demotivate you. Tomorrow is a new day – and we’re all allowed a break.

Shout about it

While some prefer to keep schtum about the secret side hustle they’re plotting for 2019, sharing your goals with friends and colleagues can often motivate you more (and not encourage those after-work Proseccos.) Social media bragging, however, should be avoided at all costs.

Stay positive

We’re human – we make mistakes. The key is to not get too bogged down if, indeed, we do get persuaded for a happy hour drink or sack off meal prepping for a few days. Accept it for what it is and carry on. And remember, these are your personal goals, created by you and for you. It’s okay to change your mind!

New year, new things