How To: Style Cycling Shorts
It’s the trend that just won’t quit and we’re not complaining. Love them or hate them, cycling shorts are here to stay. If you haven’t been tempted so far consider this the beginning of your bike short love affair. The perfect mix of loungewear and sportswear, the humble cycling shorts have been given a fashionable makeover for 2020. Learn how to style them with the help of content creator, Liv Effia, and watch how they become your go to summer staple.

Whilst oversized blazers are nothing revolutionary, I still find myself reaching for them more than anything else. You can throw a blazer over an ensemble which doesn’t feel ‘finished’ and I love how well they pair with cycling shorts. Size up for optimal ‘borrowed from Dad’ vibes and you’re pretty much set for every day-to-night occasion with effortless cool.

For the ultimate off-duty outfit and when you just want pure comfort - all hail the baggy t-shirt. The glorified version of pyjamas that you don’t even need to change out of at the end of the day, if you so wish! Cycling shorts can be daunting because of how form-fitting they are so a longer tee is a great way to wear them without feeling too exposed.

The sequel to everybody’s favourite ‘jeans and a nice top’ is ‘jean shorts and a nice top’, a seasonal adaptation which I’m a huge fan of. I kept the shoes flat for a smart casual vibe, but the cycling shorts offer a much sleeker silhouette than your standard, denim staples. This is definitely on the smarter side of casual and suitable for all those cancelled events we’ve been saving up for all summer!