Getting bored of your wardrobe? Why not borrow something from his? The oversized clothing trend is HUGE right now (literally) which is great news because it’s hella comfy to style. Yeah, skin tight clothes look good but we’re all about feeling good too. Plus, if we’re honest, we’re not ready to let go of our lockdown lifestyle just yet. The oversized trend is the perfect sweet spot between the loungewear we’ve grown close to and the fierce fashionista we once were. She’s not gone forever, we’re just really feeling the oversized hoodie vibe right now …

You’re a pro at WFH but your dress code still needs a bit of work. Swap your pjs for an oversized white shirt for instant ‘I mean business’ vibes and a dress code to be proud of.  With oversized shirts, the bigger the better in our humble opinion but you do you. Handle your proportions like you handle your to do list (like a boss) and style with slim denim cycling shorts. Balance is the key and with this little and large combo you’ve got it just right.

Borrow from the boys to make a statement in neutrals. Prolific joggers are the comfiest things on earth (fact) but style them with an oversized Maison Riviera shirt and you’re onto a winner. Be careful though, with this trend it’s easy to look ten times bigger than you actually are if you’re not style savvy.  Our easy fix is a slim fit crop top to take you from slob to stunning in seconds just by highlighting your shape. Simple!

We’ll be forever grateful to the person who brought cycling shorts back into fashion - the comfort is off the chart! They’re also THE piece to nail the oversized trend because they streamline your look when things start to get bulky. For a cute and casual vibe, borrow (steal) your boyfriend’s oversized hoodie, style with bike shorts and lean into the 90s with chunky trainers and some classic hoops