Sleepovers were the best weren’t they? You brought out your best pyjama sets, eye mask and slippers included and arrived at your BFFs armed with all the sweets and ready to debrief the girls on “the moment” you and your crush had when they lent you their pen. *Swoon.* Fast forward a few years and while we’ve swapped the sweets for wine, nothing much else has changed! We say grown up sleepovers are just as fun, just look at the likes of Grease and Gossip Girl…

From the singing (all the singing) to the boy talk, Grease gave us one of the most iconic slumber parties. 

Homemade cocktails and onesies? Monica, Rachel and Phoebe knew how to have a sleepover we want in on! 

Individual beds, sleep masks, champagne, gifts and the most luxurious loungewear we’ve ever seen. Trust Blair Waldorf to host the chic-est sleepover ever.

Is it even a pyjama party if you don’t have a choreographed music video and lip sync off in your cutest and comfiest sleepwear? We think not.