Joined Forces | Meet the Diaz Twins

This March, we’ve teamed up with two sets of twins to showcase the new season trends and shatter the stereotypes that come with sharing (virtually) the same genetic code. Giving us a lesson in our Urban Uniform trend, Diaz Twins, Jan Carlos and Hector are twins by name, different by nature. We talk identity, brotherhood and bodies…

How are you different?

Hector: My personality is way different to my brother’s. We started to drift apart when we were about sixteen - not for any bad reason. We’d been sharing a room, sharing clothes and friends and it just became too much. There’s a balance to everything and we were just spending way too much time together - it almost drowned us. So we started making different friends and hanging out with different people. Because of that we have completely different personalities.

Jan Carlos: We’re two different people. Of course we’re twins, we look alike and we think the same, but we are also our own separate identities. We started to find ourselves beyond being a twin.

Physically, what makes you different?

Jan Carlos: [smiles] I work out. He doesn’t. Which is fine, but that makes us different when you see us...shirtless.

Hector: I used to work out but it’s just way too much. I fit in everything already and I haven’t reached my goal of fashion shows yet so I need to keep myself at a certain, you know [laughs]

Who has the better body?

Hector: I mean, I make more money so…[laughs] No, honestly, it’s. No comment. This is hard.

Jan Carlos: I have the better body but that’s because I started taking charge of my physical health, just for myself. Although we’re twins and we have to look the same, I try to keep myself more fit.

Hector: It’s good because I get to see what I’d look like if I was working out.

Jan Carlos: You still look good.

Hector: I know I look good.

Do you think other people see you as the same?

Hector: Yeah way too much. When it comes to twins, the first thing the people do is see two identical people and it kind of freaks you out.  I catch people in the street staring at us all the time. We each have our own Instagrams and people will send me pictures like “he’s copying you, who is this?” I’m like do you not know we’re twins? We have pictures together and people are thinking it’s Photoshopped.

Jan Carlos: People see us as the same but once they start to get to know us they’ll see the differences.

Hector: Most people from where we’re from back home won’t even call us by our names - they would just say the twins.

Jan Carlos: People call me Hector and I look because I know they don’t know.

Hector: When my grandmother does it I’ll just answer - I don’t want to offend her [laughs].


Tell me how your styles differ?

Jan Carlos: I have multiple styles, I do 80s and 70s, sometimes 60s, early 00s depending on what influences me the most, especially in music. With my brother, he has more of a street style.

Hector: Yeah, I like to keep things simple.

Jan Carlos: I like to spice things up. [laughs]


What do you love about one another?

Jan Carlos: I love how we are different and how we have our own individuality yet are still the same. Our view of life is the same but we’re still individuals.

Hector: The funniest thing is when I buy something and then he buys it in a different colour. That’s proof that there’s some kind of weird telepathy going on. That happens quite a lot.


What annoys you about one another?

Jan Carlos: It annoys me how similar we are, especially with clothes. When I was younger, we dressed in the same clothes until middle school. The worst part was looking for my stuff and taking his without realising and then we’d be fighting over them. When really I’d just want to wear his pants.

Does it annoy you that people think you’re the same?

Jan Carlos: It doesn’t annoy me because they don’t know us yet. But my mum used to say, “Well you’re twins, if one of you does something wrong you’re both in for it” - that would annoy me [laughs] I never understood that and I hated it.

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