Mean Girls Turns 15

Yes you did read that right. Mean Girls turns 15 this year! AKA the film that taught us all about The Plastics, being “a cool mom” and what to wear on Wednesdays – we still quote it daily tbh! So in honour of its 15th birthday, we look back at other throwback films turning 15 this year. Prepare to feel old (sorry)…

Mean Girls

How many times have you watched Mean Girls? The limit does not exist! Our favourite Lindsay film (Parent Trap comes a very close second) we don’t think we’ll ever get bored of watching it.

50 First Dates

Though it sounds like a very likely potential biography name of all your former Hinge flames, 50 First Dates, is our go-to for when we feel like a good rom-com. Cheesy it may be, we still love it!

A Cinderella Story

We’ve loved Hilary since her Lizzie McGuire days, so throw in Chad Michael Murray to the mix and we’re sold. Despite the fact he couldn’t recognise her wearing that eye mask. Do better, Austin. 

Napoleon Dynamite

The film that gave us SO many quotes also turns 15 this year. Crazy, right? Nothing like Napoleon to remind us of our high school struggles. 

White Chicks

Hands up if you can never hear Vanessa Carlton without picturing Terry Crews? Same! White Chicks is up there as one of our all-time favourite comedies. It just never gets old.

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