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My Summer Story | Emily Bador

The final chapters of our summer stories culminate in Italy where we jetted off to idyllic Amalfi with Contiki and some of our most inspirational friends in tow. Next up, we meet body positive model and feminist, Emily to talk us through her summer story…  

Where does your summer story take place?

The Amalfi Coast. It’s been incredible. The views have been absolutely breath-taking - although the winding roads did make me feel a little bit sick! But it’s absolutely stunning.

What kind of character do you play?
I’m very much the caretaker and make sure everyone’s having a nice time. I enjoy the organisation and finding cute accommodation and restaurants. I love learning all the facts and doing all the research.

How has travel shaped your character?

Travel has been really important in the way I’ve grown up in my late teens and I think it will continue to be a big part of me. I’ve seen things and met people and it’s allowed me to connect with other cultures, see other ways of livings and have other points of views that maybe I wouldn’t have thought about before. It makes you go out and think about stuff you wouldn’t think about or research things you wouldn’t even bat an eyelid at. It’s allowed me to open myself up more.

Where would your ideal story setting be?

This might sound lame but I love the UK. I’m very much a home girl, the countryside is so beautiful. I try and go for walks once every two weeks and love being out in the fresh air and seeing how the landscape has shaped how we live now. There are so many beautiful things that are underestimated in the UK; it’s nice to see what’s on your doorstep. 

Describe your summer story in three words...
Chilled, unpredictable and fun.

What’s your life mantra? 

Always be honest to yourself and others.

What do you want readers to take from your story?
When I started posting about my journey on social media, I was just doing it for myself. I never set out to change anyone’s opinions; I was just tired of trying to change myself to fit an ideal. It’s more to do with me rather than trying to inspire other people – I’m just doing what feels natural to me.

Soak up her summer style...

Half-Malaysian, half-English, @darth_bador is a 20 year-old model who’s all about using social media to do good and break stereotypes within the fashion industry.