Our Queens Of Love Island

Love Island 2018 comes to an end tonight and it’s safe to say the nation is about to go in mourning. It’s given us all kinds of LOLs, drama and enough meme content to see us through to Love Island 2019. Phew. No stranger to a scandal or two, the show’s been critiqued for the lack of diversity with this year’s contestants but one thing it has given us are a group of strong independent women to give Destiny’s Child a run for their money. 2018 is all about empowerment and these girls have been honest, kept it real and taught us some real life lessons. Here’s why we love them…


It’s fair to say Laura’s time in the Villa has been tumultuous. Receiving not one, but two pies from Wes and New Jack, she’s dusted herself off and picked herself up time and time again and continued to wear her heart on her sleeve. She’s relatable, she has a life plan and isn’t afraid to show her emotions - even if that does mean getting jealous that the boy you’ve known for two days has kissed Britney. And it’s not just the boys she wears her heart on her sleeve for. From apologising to Megan for calling her a very bad name, giving Georgia the benefit of the doubt after kiss-gate and comforting New Laura when she was upset about New Jack, Laura is the Chairwoman of the Being The Bigger Person Society. We could all learn a thing or two - take notes, girls.


There’s no denying that out of all the girls, Megan’s had the most stick on the show. The preconceptions around the industry she works in and her straight to the point mindset makes it all-too-easy to judge her. Despite being the most-lusted after Islander of the season, she’s showed us that no matter how gorgeous you are and how many boys chase after you, we all have hang ups. As the weeks have gone on, slowly but surely, we’ve seen her let that guard down all thanks to Wes -AKA the only boy she’s not had chase her. She put her feelings out there, said those three words first and even asked him to be her boyfriend. She went after what she wanted, and got it. Which is pretty commendable if you ask us.


In previous seasons, we’ve not really had chance to get to know the latecomers. With Alexandra, we were tentative. She’s starred in music videos, she’s a well-known make-up artist and looks INCREDIBLE. It would be easy to think she was only choosing Alex because he was well-liked both in and out of the villa. But after watching over the last week, it seems she really did fancy Alex and has done the wise thing a lot of girls fail to do. She chose the nice guy. Or so we thought. After giving him a second chance, she was constantly looking for verification that Alex was into her and made to feel needy. Thursday’s episode saw her snap back into the Alexandra we first met where she rightfully put Alex in his place and gave us the Mic Drop moment of the season: “Shame on you!”


When you’ve been born and raised by Danny Dyer, straight-talking is in your blood. Dani has remained true to her roots and doesn’t beat around the bush when it comes to saying it how it is. Something BFF Georgia felt the full wrath of after her and Sam chose to stay in the Villa and split. Not only that, she remained level headed when Jack’s ex Ellie came into the Villa and told her a few home truths about him. We all need a friend like Dani. She keeps it real, doesn’t try to be sexy and still manages to be a complete babe. In the words of Mr. Dyer, “She’s proved that you can be a decent girl with self-respect and dignity and still have respect off the man and be loved and adored by young people. She’s completely spun it on its head.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.