Bags are our secret weapon when it comes to achieving crème de la crème style. Bags are more than a finishing touch, they’re a total mood maker. We love a practical plus one especially when they look as cute as our top five. Which would you pick?

Meet Pochette, your partner in crime for keeping it cute 24/7 (yes, even in lockdown!) Sure, 2021 has started with more duvet days than expected but you can still show off your ‘90s dream bag at home. She’ll see the outside world soon but for now, Pochette is perfect for transporting snacks from the kitchen to your WFH set up!

The aisles of Tesco aren’t ready for this plus one but you definitely are! With socialising off the cards, raise the style stakes and make your food shop the fashion event of the week. Forget your basic cotton totes, there’s a new bag for life in town and she’s monogrammed. Make the frozen section your runway and shop like the queen you are!

If we’re leaving the house once a day you better believe we’re taking our entire lives with us. Why pack light when you could stuff every essential you could possibly want into an iconic satin backpack? Pack your bag ot the brim for a real workout and complete your lunch time laps of the park in style.

Remember going out? Remember going out out? Ah those were the days! We’re confident life will be back to normal soon but until then there’s no harm treating yourself for future fun. Currently, we’re obsessed with the vanity case style because it reminds us of topping up our makeup and making friends on a night out.

Love it or hate it, tie dye is here to stay and luckily we’re still obsessed! The days are getting longer which means spring is on its way and pastels are a must. Get ahead of the game and invest in key pieces for the season to come right now. Fingers crossed by the first day of spring we’ll be allowed out and about!