RI Baby Is Here…

We’ve got a super-cute new family member, and yes, we’re accepting visitors! RI Baby is the latest addition to the Island and we cannot wait to introduce you.

The exclusive 80-piece collection celebrates distinctive RI style in miniature, for babies aged 0-12 months. Designed with extra special attention to comfort, practicality and luxury – it’s perfect for gifting or to complete your newborn's first wardrobe.

From cosy snowsuits to adorable lounge-sets in premium jersey and the softest knitted co-ords, there’s something for every ‘first’ occasion. Putting our signature twist on things, there’s an array of cheeky slogans and extra details for that extra-special finish.

The gorgeous Zoe & Georgia, founders of Made by Mammas, were the first to meet RI Baby, we wanted their expert opinion on our little bundle of style…

What are your top RI Baby picks?

Z: Everything! The collection is absolutely gorgeous, but for me, it’s the cream snowsuit with. the furry collar. I’m also obsessed with the red tracksuit!

G: I love the little co-ords! I like the cream one with the pom-poms, but I’m just drawn to any girls’ clothes at the moment. There’s another little tracksuit as well, the pink one that’s making me want a girl so bad!

Z: Georgia and I love baby clothes so much! So, we’re like, ‘oh this is amazing!’ we need to keep making babies!

G: And I’m like I want this one, can you make this in my size?

What do you look for in a baby outfit?

G: Comfort! I know that sounds really boring, but you just want them to be cosy and that’s why I love the little co-ords and tracksuits - they look really cute but they’re also really comfy. And, just something easy to put on when you get them dressed.