RI Kids talk old school accessories | Back to school

Floppy disks, treasury tags, registers…old school stationery was the best, right? So what happens when you ask seven 5-8 year olds to describe them? We rounded up some of our fave RI Kids on set of our latest shoot to find out and share their pearls of wisdom. Be prepared to have a giggle…

“Are they like mini clipboards? To hold your post-it notes?”

“Like a card game?”

“Numbers or something? Maybe to do with counting?””

“Is it a DVD?”

“I think this is to keep your password and username safe”

“In the olden times they’d put this into old TVs”

“To decorate my room or something?”

“I think they’re keeper-inners”

Head to IGTV to watch the full video! #ThrowbackThursday