In life, there are certain rules we abide by. Don’t park on double yellow lines. Pay your bills on time. Don’t wear the same outfit twice. (We’re kidding.) The same goes for friendships, too. Tell them when they’ve got lipstick on their teeth. Don’t let them text their ex. You know the drill. So in honour of #NationalBestFriendDay, we’ve put together the unwritten rules of friendships, or as we like to call it, our best friend bible…

Compliment the outfit. Like the selfie. You’ve got this, girl.

It just makes those selfies so much easier, right?

Need we say more? Hand them over.

How else are they going to get out of their bad date?

Two-for-one mojitos? Count us in.

What’s theirs is yours. And vice versa of course.

Ready for happy hour? You will be with these...