The Best Of Mani Mondays
So bored you feel like you’re watching paint dry? Well we suggest, quite literally, watching paint dry - but with a fun twist. There’s no denying how good a fresh set of nails can make you feel, so harness that power and give yourself a mani! We’ve been taking part in Mani Mondays over on our Instagram stories and sharing inspo from all of our Islanders At Home. Missed it? Don’t worry, we’re here with a round-up of our faves so you can get painting…

Can’t decide on a colour? No problem! Pick your favourite shades (extra points if they’re pastel) and have a different one on each nail. Want to make it a little bit extra? Add glitter.

It’s a classic for a reason – a French manicure will always be chic. But if you’re looking for something a bit different, why not try playing with glossy and matte polishes to shake things up?

We all love a good nude – on the nails that is! Go for soft nude shades, bright whites and baby pinks for a set that will go with any and every look.

We’re all about a bold colour that packs a punch and if you are too, play with bright neons. Neon not for you? You can also never go wrong with a striking red.

At a time like this spreading love is so important, so do it with your hands! We love these super cute designs and if you’ve got a steady hand or some stickers, give them a go.

Maybe for the more-skilled (but you’ve got time to learn), get creative with your nail art! Go abstract with colours and shapes or play with animal print. Love!

Need a look to go with those nails?