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The Great Island Style Off: Week 4

The Great British Bake Off is back! To celebrate, we’ll be paying homage to our favourite show with weekly instalments of The Great Island Style Off AKA our cake, sorry, take on The Great British Bake off that you’re going to want to get your (oven) mitts on.

This week, it’s dairy week…

This week’s signature is a dairy queen in her own right, the milk maid top! Puff sleeves and square necks are two of our favourite things – and will definitely be bringing the boys and girls to the yard.

Our signature picks…

This week’s technical is a Bake Off first, which ties in very nicely with the launch of Dua Lipa’s first ever clothing collab with Pepe Jeans, and it’s sold at RI! Have you shopped it yet?

Our technical picks…

And last but not least, this week’s showstopper is all about Indian milk-based treats, or Misthti to you and me. And we’re certainly not leaving those milky pastel shades in summer. From pistachio to rose, we’re inspired!

Our showstopping picks…

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Vegan or veggie? There are loads of great dairy free alternatives – your guests won’t even know the difference!