The RI Good News Round Up

Here at RI we like to be as positive as we can, even in a time of uncertainty. To give you (and us, tbh) some light relief, we’ll be rounding up the good news we’ve come across as well as the latest from our #IslandersAtHome and some cute animal pics for good measure. Were you a fan of our weekly Trending Now feature? Don’t worry, we’ll still be sharing our Celeb Moment and Funniest Tweet! Let’s go…

It might feel like you’ve completed Netflix at this stage of our THIRD lockdown but we have some suggestions that you might not have seen yet. Bonus: they’ll make you feel good too!

Over 50,000 people signed up to take part in Veganuary this month and are ditching meat in favour of a plant-based and climate friendly diet! That’s pretty amazing if you ask us!

Ok, we want a baby Bengal immediately! Imagine having a little leopard running around the house… Follow @aura.and.yuma (best names ever) on insta for your feline fix!

Not only does Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson have his own foundation that helps at-risk and terminally ill children, he also gifted an old friend a brand new $30k car to say thank you for helping him out in the past!

Treat yourself to a boujee scented candle this week! There’s nothing quite as calming as burning a candle and filling your home with warm and delicious aromas.

Good to know that we’re all out here living the same life…