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The RI Good News Round Up

Here at RI we like to be as positive as we can, even in a time of uncertainty. To give you (and us, tbh) some light relief, we’ll be rounding up the good news we’ve come across as well as the latest from our #IslandersAtHome and some cute animal pics for good measure. Were you a fan of our weekly Trending Now feature? Don’t worry, we’ll still be sharing our Celeb Moment and Funniest Tweet! Let’s go…

Whether you’re still WFH or getting back to some sort of ‘normality’, life is pretty exhausting right now. Take some time to read through our handy tips on how you can beat the fatigue!

Secondary schools will now educate students on sexual orientation, gender identity and relationships, while primary will teach kids about LGBTQ+ families. About time we say!

What is it about an animal that looks like an old man that’s just so adorable? We couldn’t tell you but follow @cute_animals_everywhere for your daily dose of cute!

Fans of the 00s queen, rejoice! Paris Hilton’s new YouTube documentary is out and she shows a whole new side of her that we’ve never seen. The baby voice is gone! Tune in now.

Although we’ve been blessed with good weather this week, it’s soon going to be time to pack the summer wardrobe away. Beat the chill and start organising so that your cosy jumpers are in reach!

The struggle is going to be real…