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What To Wear This Bank Holiday With Joey London…

The temperature is (finally) hotting up and so is your social calendar. Yes, summer is here. From weddings to garden parties, it’s time to step up your occasion game. We know it’s not always easy to swap your go-to jeans for fancy threads and come out feeling like you, so we invited some friends of RI to Liverpool’s Style Studio to talk dressing up without selling out. In our third and final instalment of our summer occasionwear series, we caught up with fashion blogger, Joey London, to see what he’ll be wearing this Bank Holiday…

What’s the occasion?

I’m heading to a bank holiday brunch party.

Is there a dress code?

Yes - dress to impress!

Why is it special?

Brunch and parties are two of my favourite things - what’s not to like?!

Got a plus one?

My girlfriend and partner in crime. 

What do you hope is on the menu? 

Eggs Royale & some French Toast!

Do you have a strategy for lasting the day/night? 

Not giving it all you have in the first few hours.

Which party person will you be? 

Last on the dance floor for sure!

What’s the worst thing that could happen? 

Probably Hollandaise sauce going down my shirt, what a waste! 

Do you have a signature dance move? 

I’m a man of many moves.

Do you have a killer/funny event story to share? 

Hardly killer or funny but I actually met my girlfriend at a party on a Bank Holiday!

By the time I leave, I’ll be… 

Looking for the next party.

My friends and family will warn me too…

Be a good boy!

Talk to us about your look…

I decided to mismatch my blazer & trousers as it’s something I’ve never done before. I’ve always been a little sceptical of getting it wrong but the grey blazer over a navy shirt and some navy trousers worked really well. I finished the look with some suede brogues for something more  relaxed than a formal shoe.

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