River Island presents Work It for ‘Sounds of The Summer’

22 July 2014

Having produced parties in London and New York, WORK IT have been busy building their reputation for drawing in huge crowds to their events and parties where you just can't help but dance. We caught up with founders Sara El Dabi and Loren Platt ahead of their set at our Sounds of the Summer event at our Park House, London store this week.


Meet Loren and Sara...

Tell us a little bit about you...

Loren and I met at university studying graphic design. I was working as a freelance graphic designer and Loren was working in interiors. We both moved to East London and felt inspired by people creating their own businesses and enterprises and also knew there was something missing on the Dalston club scene. 

Are you excited to host the River Island Sounds of the Summer event?

We are always excited to work with the RI team and it's a dream to be able to host as part of the Sounds of... event. Work It appreciates the sassy RI ethos!

-Tell us a little bit more about how you founded Work It?

We both moved to East London and felt inspired by people creating their own businesses and enterprises and also knew there was something missing on the Dalston club scene. We were motivated by our own need for a strictly 90s rnb and hip hop night.. purely selfish! We'd never done anything like it before and it was a complete leap of faith. Over the last 6 and a half years it's grown into its own brand and our network is expanding every day.

-What’s the most exciting party/ event you’ve ever hosted?

Playing on the side of the runway at London Fashion Week is always fun!

-What's on your playlist right now? Do you have a favorite track this summer?

We recently hosted The Internet after party in London this summer, so their music has definitely become the soundtrack to our summer. "Shadow Dance" is a dreamy track perfect for warm summer evenings outdoors.

-You've got a reputation for being super fun and blending a unique mix of music. Would you say your fashion style reflects this too?

Yes, we definitely draw inspiration from different eras, subcultures, music and even art. Being lucky enough to meet and work with such talented people means we are constantly inspired. At the moment we are seeing a lot of early 2000 fashion... think JLo in her If You Had My Love video. A staple in a WORK IT girl wardrobe at the moment would be a short strappy slip dress and Chola girl brown lip liner!

-What tips do you have for any aspiring DJs/creatives?

Power in numbers... find like-minded people to collaborate with and get friends involved with new projects.

-So what's next for you? Where else can we expect to see you this summer?

It's the festival season, so it's already been busy! We've also just launched a new DJ and music collective called F A M, which features a lot of WORK IT residents. www.familyartmusic.com


Take a look at Work It’s chart-topping RI picks:

black leather dress white ripped jeans animal print shirt cami sleeveless top yellow cami crop black animal mom jeans suede brown worker boots white sleeveless shirt stripe bandeau dress blue mini skirt white blouse

Fancy seeing Work It spin the decks at our Sounds of Summer event? Come along to our Park House, London store this Friday 25 th July and Saturday 26 th July. You’re all invited! Don’t forget to check out more from Work It here and follow them on Twitter @_WORK_IT_ and Instagram @_work_it_. 

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