Joined Forces | Meet the Bloom Twins

This March, we’ve teamed up with two sets of twins to showcase the new season trends and shatter the stereotypes that come with sharing (virtually) the same genetic code. Rocking the Utility trend,  Bloom Twins, Anna and Sofia give us all kinds of goals. Ukrainian-born, they create their own brand of ‘dark pop’ together in their eponymous music duo. We talk to them about what it’s like to have the same face and passion, but totally different personalities….

How are you different?

Anna: I like structure and analysing and I spend hours in my electronic world whereas she is the one creating melodies and has tons of ideas and I’m the one to put it all together.

Sofia: I agree with that. I have too many ideas so she’ll pick all the best ones. She makes sure that everything is done and is nicely packaged. Ready to go.

What is it about your personality that makes you guys different?

Anna: The way we come up with ideas and solutions and stuff is very different. Sofia just comes up with very random ones and I just go with one stretch that follows another one.

Sofia: I would say we’re two sides of one coin. We’re practically the same but different and we unite really well.

Physically, what makes you different?

Anna: Well I have a mole and that’s pretty much it.

Sofia: I could have the same one and nobody would know.

Do you think other people see you as the same?

Anna: I don’t think people see us the same, they only see us the same when they first meet us, but otherwise, no! We’re so different.

Sofia: Yeah from the beginning they see us as the same and then it takes a minute and then they’re like ‘oh you guys are totally different’.

What’s the first difference people notice?

Anna: The first thing that’s very different is our character, the way we talk, the way we gesture. Our body language is so different.

Tell me how your styles differ?

Anna: I like simple colours, so black and white and then maybe I’ll mix it up with some other colours.

Sofia: I like shape and form so I like abstract and that’s why I think Dark Pop works for us, simple colours great shapes and forms.

What is Dark Pop?

Sofia: In terms of fashion, Dark Pop means having different shapes or forms but still being able to have something similar. So like shapes could be opposite but the colour would be the same. Black and white, but the shape and form will be totally different. And music, it means very electronic music with a great meaning and great message but the voice could be quite sweet.

What do you love about one another?

Anna: The possibility to understand each other, it’s like we have this strange language that only we know.

Sophia: Also, her sense of humour I think is pretty good. Sometimes.

Anna: Really? You hate my sense of humour.

Sophia: Ok, at least we agree on something, that’s really good.

What annoys you about one another?

Sofia: Nothing! Come on! Nothing annoys me about you.

Anna: What annoys me about my sister?

Sofia: *sighs*

Anna: I don’t like some of her strong opinions.

Sofia: Ok, I understand that. I can get really emotional about stuff. But you’re pretty good and understanding me.

Does it annoy you that people think you’re the same?

Sofia: Yeah, I mean when people just call us ‘the twins’. You want to be separated and credited as your own person.

Anna: I like being a twin.

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