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In case you didn’t know, our RI family has grown! Yes, our latest (and littlest) arrival is RI Baby! We caught up with Zoe & Georgia, founders of Made by Mammas, at our Style Studio event to talk all things babies…

What’s your top tip for new mums?

Georgia: Don’t put too much pressure on yourself! The birth, the feeding, how much you should be getting out – you’ll find things so much easier if don’t compare yourself to other new mums.

Zoe: I think in the first three months, you need to forget about any form of routine. We’re such routine human beings, we love going to the gym, going to work, having our coffee at this time, but everything goes out of the window. You need to go with the flow because that tiny little human doesn’t have a clue what’s going on. Also, have loads of muslins - the first year of their life is spent covered in sick!

What’s the best baby shower gift we could give you?

Georgia: Cook vouchers are always a great gift – in the first few weeks there’s nothing better than a nice home-cooked meal that you don’t have to make yourself.

Zoe: A white noise machine, it’s a genius present! They’ve been in the womb for nine months and have gotten used to hearing hairdryers and background noises so it really calms them down. We just used the hair dryer on cold heat for like two months before we got one [laughs].

Do you have any secret snacks you were eating when you’d just given birth?

Georgia: Yes! Mango with lime over the top - it’s just like sweets!

Zoe: I’m an oatcake with honey girl. You feel like you’re eating a biscuit but it’s actually not that naughty! 

Did you have cravings when you were pregnant?

Georgia: Mine was fizzy water with lime. I would get through like two bottles a day.  Imagine how much I was burping!

Zoe: I didn’t have any with Luna my first but the second time with Kit I was obsessed with eating carrots and ice cubes. 

How did you come up with your amazing baby names?

Georgia: Mine wasn’t even a question, we were always calling him Axel! I’m not even an Axl Rose fan, my husband had just loved the name for years.

Zoe: For Luna, it was when I was about 14 weeks pregnant. I had to go trekking through the Grand Canyon and nobody who I was with knew but I told one of the tour leaders. It was a full moon and for three nights I consecutively dreamt that I was having a girl called Luna, which obviously means the moon. When I got home I said to my husband “we’re having a girl called Luna’ and he said “ no, it’s a boy.” And then it was a girl!

How do you make time for yourselves?

Georgia: I think you have to accept help. I’m so bad for it and I like being independent but just having an hour to yourself is so important! When I first met Zoe, we put our kids in the creche for an hour and went to the gym - that was our ‘me time.’

Zoe: You realise what you can do in an hour! All that free time, sitting on the sofa watching Netflix or reading the papers on a Sunday. I like to put on a face mask and get in bed with a takeaway.

Georgia: Getting your kids into a routine early on so you can have your evenings is so key, otherwise you don’t get that time.

What are you style tips when you’re time-starved?

Georgia: Don’t buy anything that needs ironing! And don’t buy anything you can’t think of three ways to wear it because you’re three people essentially! You’ve got yourself, if you go to work and then you’ve also got your mummy time.

Zoe: I love skinny jeans, a t-shirt and a blazer. The minute you put that blazer on with your shades and trainers, you’re good to go!  

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