If you’re an eighties baby (like River Island), you will probably remember the first coming of this bold hands-free accessory. Back then, it may have held your rarest marbles, your prized Pogs or your epic roll-on and stackable lip gloss collection. Fast-forward to 2018, with the help of some of our favourite designers, the bumbag has had a style makeover and is making (yes another) comeback. We have to ask ourselves, is this a moment in time or do we want you back for good?

We paid attention in science and learnt the merit of experimentation, so to give the bumbag it’s fairest review we asked three women of HQ to style the same bag to suit their very different dress codes.

"I’m all for the bumbag trend. This one is the perfect size for my phone, lip gloss and bank card and it’s hassle free as I don't have to worry about carrying a bag on my shoulders. I’m feeling the Coachella envy right now, so I’ve gone for a festival flavour – but it would go with so much of my wardrobe."

Verdict: Stress free style!

"Before this season I wouldn’t have dreamed of putting a bumbag with a smart look or a work outfit. Now, I’m hooked. This suit is perfect, the tipping stripes down the side of the trousers nod to a sports luxe look that compliments the bumbag really well." 

Verdict: Smart move

"Bumbags did die off, but they’ve come back in a big way. The catwalks have influenced this with the appearance of belt and sling bags. I like how you can adapt this one, it’s a great dress up or dress down piece, though I think it looks best cross-body with my casual weekend uniform."

Verdict: Keeping it!

The Results

The bumbag is definitely the one for right now, all three contestants agree, whether you’re looking for something casual or want to feel special, it’s ticking every box. To shake things up, move away from the standard position (clipped to waist) and try going cross-body instead. Is there a future in it? It’s too early to tell – but it’s definitely worth a summer romance.