What To Wear To A Wedding With KimBouy Tang

Summer is here (sort of), and with it the perfect excuse to go out and play. From wedding to garden party, it’s time to rediscover (buy new) occasion wear and make a game plan for surviving your social calendar with some decorum (ahem). It’s not always easy to swap your go-to jeans for fancy threads and come out feeling like you, so we invited some friends of RI to Liverpool’s Style Studio to talk dressing up without selling out. We also grilled them on their social diaries, in hope we might live vicariously through their fabulous lives. Our second instalment is with blogger babe, KimBouy Tang, who gives us tips on how to be the best-dressed guest. Be careful though, you just might outshine the bride…

What’s the occasion? A wedding.

Is there a dress code? Formal occasionwear!

Why is it so special? Because it's my good friend's wedding.

Got a plus one? Yes, spiritually though.

Are you taking sides? The bride, of course.

Do you have a strategy for lasting the day?

Wearing comfy heels is a must. There's going to be a lot of random dance moves coming from me.

Which guest are you going to be? Last on the dancefloor because I have a cute dress on... and I'll be carrying some food with me too!

Which guest will you be avoiding? The drunks - we don't want any red wine on our cute dress do we?

Any pre-wedding anxiety - how are you styling it out?

Is two hours of prep for someone else's wedding called pre-wedding anxiety? Not really right? I'm so picky with looks and I always need my hair and make up to be perfect!

What would be on your gift list? A beautiful picture frame for the couple... and a picture of me standing behind them third-wheeling!

What makes you say "I do"? I think when you find the right person, you'll know when to say "I do"!

Tell us about your look…

The style that I'm going for is a mix of elegance and preppy. I wanted to wear something comfortable and easy-going, yet flirty at the same time. Pink is my absolute favourite colour and the ruffles of the dress is a bonus.

Since I'm petite, I love going for maxi dresses because it gives the illusion of height. To go with the outfit, I wore some earrings that are perfect for any occasion and a pair of heels to match with the polka dots of the dress.

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