Meet Katie, Isabella and Lottie

For us, Mother’s Day 2019 is all about the things we’ve got from our mamas - whoever that may be. From your biological, adopted or step mum to a big sister, friend or uncle, we’re celebrating all mother figures. Katie AKA @themumlife_styled is our certified mum boss. Mummy to Isabella and Charlotte, we caught up to talk fashion and family life…

Introduce yourselves...

Charlotte: I’m Lottie. I’m two!

Isabella: I’m Isabella and I’m eight.

Katie: I’m Katie - do you need to know my age [laughs] I have an Insta blog called MumLifeStyled and it’s about me and my girls, where we go and what we do and what we wear. 

Girls, tell me about mum...

Isabella: She’s cool and takes us to really cool places. 

What traits have the girls got from you? 

Katie: Definitely a bit of sass from them both, they’re both into fashion and are quite opinionated, stubborn and passionate. 

Isabella: Craziness - and Smarties. I love them because mum loves them. Lottie is very sassy like mummy.

At home, is it a female house?

Katie: Yeah, Daddy’s outnumbered isn’t he! He’s desperate for a boy and a bit of balance. I’m dreading the teenage years with all the hormones. 

What’s your most important job as a mum?

Katie: I think guidance. Guiding them through life and their emotions or problems.

Isabella: We do not have problems!

As a mum of two girls, what do you want them to learn about being a woman?

Katie: I want them to know that everything is possible, I feel like when I was younger, we were less aware of opportunities, career advice was rubbish. Now, girls can do anything they want. 

You’re a bit of a mum boss, is it important for you to show them a powerful woman? 

Katie: Oh definitely. In fact, I made a conscious decision that I wanted to be a working mum - not just for my own sanity but to show them that anything is possible. 

Tell us about your relationship with your mum?

Katie: My mum worked as well when I was growing up. She’s a huge inspiration to me and is an amazing mum and has never compromised that. She’s showed me you can still have a career and a life and be your own person.

What have you learnt from your mum that you’re passing onto the girls now? 

Katie: If I could be half the mum that my mum is to me to my girls then I’d be doing something right. My mum is such a giver, she’s always there in every capacity so I try to give them as much of my time as possible. The last few months have been really tough, she’s been diagnosed with cancer and I never realised how strong I was until we had to go through this. She is the strongest person ever and I’m so proud I’ve got that from her. 

What would be the perfect Mother’s Day gift?

Katie: A lie in and a cup of tea in bed. Isabella can make a cup of tea now so I’ll be expecting one!